Wednesday, November 1, 2006

End of the Season

No other entries in the 'ship's log' for the remainder of this season for some reason. I had gotten in the bad habit of entering the details of our sailing trips on a myspace page, and neglected writing down a lot of details in the book. But thanks to my computer's calendar entries, I have a little sketchy information to base the remainder of the '06 season on.

September 26 - Our German Exchange Student Sarah accompanied Tim and Terri on a late afternoon/evening sail on Lake Muskegon and Lake Michigan. She played German music for us on her mp3 player on the way out to Muskegon. She seemed to have an ok time, but would've enjoyed it more if Keenan were able to come along, or even one of her German classmates. She was extremely scared of the spiders, and there were a great deal of them all over the boat. At one point, where I was going to raise the mainsail, she asked me, in her halting English: "Vill there be more Spidah's falling down from zere?" to which I replied "probably" and she quickly scurried to another part of the boat. Afterwords we took a walk on the Muskegon Pier then headed for home with her sleeping in the back seat.

October 20th - took the sails down with the help of our friend Matt. Almost as much trouble taking the headsail down this fall as it was raising it this spring. Seems to be some sort of tangle going on at the top of the mast. Stowed the sails below and haulout was scheduled for November 1.

November 1 - The boat was hauled. We got word from the Marina that there was some damage to the side of the boat during a nasty storm over the past month. The starboard side got repeatedly scraped against the side of the slip and wore a football sized hole in the awlgrip, plus the bow pulpit got smashed against the front of the slip and mangled. Thank goodness we thought to get boat insurance this past summer. It would end up being a $5000 repair job. I'm starting to see where that old joke about a boat being a 'hole in the water where you throw your money' comes from.

November 8 - Terri and Tim came out to put on the boat cover. Terri and Candy had swung by sometime between the haulout and then to take a look at the damage, but this was Tim's first look at it since the damage was reported. Not a pretty site, but nothing that can't be fixed. Putting on the boat cover wasn't nearly as difficult as we anticipated, as we close the books on this troublesome season and look forward to '07.

2006 Season Overview
It felt like we spent a lot more time repairing the boat this season than enjoying it. A busy summer schedule-wise, and hard to take the time for a visit. On the positive side of the coin, we did have a fun adventure on our trip to Ludington, regardless of the snafus. We learned a lot about the engine, and rolled with the punches a bit more this year. Keenan seemed easier to take along this year, although with his increased size, the boat is seeming a little cramped now. Tempers seemed to flare up a lot less often, and we do seem to be getting a little more relaxed in our sailing skills. A few mishaps this year, the sinking, the storm damage, the near miss on our night sail to Ludington, but we learned a lot of lessons on the way. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, as the old cliche goes. Looking forward to the 2007 season. Hard to believe that when we started this, our boy wasn't yet a teen, and now here he is just about to enter his senior year of high school.