Saturday, August 19, 2006

Oh What Next

Planning on an extended trip to Ludington in Late August. Our only real opportunity for a family sailing trip this summer.

August 19 - Went out to the boat today to deliver the cleaned and dried out cushions and to do a final once over before the trip, just to make sure everything's mostly in working order. Needed some water for cleaning some of the mildew that had accumulated on the ceiling, and -- ta-da! now the water pump isn't working. Not crucial for sailing, but a pain for an extended trip, as we would have to bring bottled water along for washing up, dishes, etc. And just feels like one more thing to go wrong this year with this boat - just felt like throwing in the towel... cursing at the gods, whatever... dang dang dang

Got tired of always having to go scurrying over to the repair department for every little thing that breaks down on this boat, so I took a chance that the water pump got ruined in the flood (it was well within the 'water table'), and so I wrestled the water pump out of there, and we went in search of a replacement. We'll be going over there a little earlier than we planned tomorrow, so that I can wrestle this back in place and hook up the connections to see if that solves the problem. If not.. well, we'll just go the bottled water route and rough it. Thinking of leaving the dingy at home this trip and saving that experiment for next year. Not sure if I'm up to wrestling it aboard and trying to figure out how to launch it and get the dog into it, and the added stress of leaving the boat at anchor while we are away from it. I think we'll just stick to marina's for this trip like we've done before. (good thing too, as we later discovered that the used 'dinghy' we purchased was a total piece of crap, and leaked like a sieve on our one experimental usage on Riverside park retreiving a lost golf disc - would've been a disaster to have brought it along and relied on it.)

Picked up provisions this afternoon, and are hoping for a launch time of sometime tomorrow afternoon, and then an all night sail, with a hoped for destination of Ludington. From there... well, we'll see.

Somewhere in cleaning the boat out, and while I was wrestling with the water pump, Terri got something in her eye, and it was still bothering her around 8ish, so we ended up going to the med center to have it looked at. The doc there said that he couldn't see anything in there, but that she had some abrasions on her eye, so he gave her some medication and an eye patch that she has to wear for 24 hours. (plus he drew a funky bloodshot eye on the patch for good measure - she's quite freaky looking.) Hopefully she's ok by tomorrow afternoon, otherwise could be an additional complication in our plans.

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