Saturday, May 20, 2006

Spring Prep Work

April - Tim, Terri and Keenan came out to take off the boat cover and give Fanny a look-see to see how she survived the winter. Looks as if there were a few mishaps at haulout last fall. The block on the starboard side got jammed against the topsides and cut gouge in the awlgrip, plus there are quite a few 'dings' on the starboard side. Also noticing that the windvane at the top of the mast looks loose and wanders around depending on whether there is a stong breeze or not. Wondering if it got knocked loose in the hauling process as well. A little peeved at the damage done by the marina staff. We took the boat cover home to store in the garage over the summer. More rust starting to bloom on the bottom of the keel, mostly seems to be because of where it scraped bottom last season, both in the slip, and when we ran aground in Holland.

May 6 - Tim came out to prep the bottom, sanded the rust off the keel and primed it. Washed the topsides, filled the new gouge and sanded it smooth - boy this side of the boat is starting to look rough where it once was so nice and smooth. Replaced the crushed block on the starboard side (yikes are those expensive!). Boat needs a thorough cleaning inside, lots of dirt and cobwebs. Will come back tomorrow to coat the bottom with antifouling paint & do the awlgrip polish. Boat is scheduled for launch right around Terri's birthday.

May 20 - Terri and Tim came out to hank on the sails. Headsail was very difficult to put up. Met 'Matt' from Ionia whose boat 'Starry Night' berths a few slips to the north of us, who gave us a hand in getting the sail up. Turns out the halyard was twisted at the top of the mast and needed a little coaxing. Main went up without a hitch. Got our first 'love bites' of the season (a few bruises and dings that the boat gives us when she's feeling neglected and unloved, and is just happy to see us back onboard). Will perhaps come out tomorrow to sail weather permitting. Sunny & Warm today, but the wind looked a bit on the gusty unpredictable side, so we opted out.

Lots of activity on the home front, plays at various theaters that need volunteers, school functions, so we didn't get out at all during May this spring.

June 6 - Tim rode out to Muskegon on his bike to visit the boat. 5 hour ride along the Musketawa trail and just got here to beat out the rain that started coming down once he got below. Fanny looks very sad, covered in cobwebs and her interior is a jumble of tools & whatnots. Slept in the v-berth for an hour listening to the rain and enjoyed the rocking of the boat and the smell of diesel. Very quiet here today. The 'yellow catamaran' guy is over working on his boat. It appears that Captain Jim, our old sailing instructor is living onboard with his wife this summer in the slip to the north of us (between us and Matt). Very tired after my bike ride, and while I originally planned on spending the night here and riding home tomorrow, I wimped out and called home for a rescue.

June 9 - Tim and Terri came out to clean up the boat and possibly sail, weather permitting. Too windy though. Cleaned the deck and the bilge & icebox. Lady came along and wandered the deck in her 'boat coat'. Not a promising start to the 2006 season, free time to sail seems like a luxury commodity this year. Here it is halfway through June and we haven't had the boat out of the slip once yet.

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