Monday, May 16, 2005

Spring Preparations

April 16 - First visit of the year, to check up on our Winter storage job. Yikes! The tarp is completely shredded and looks as if it barely protected the boat at all over the winter. We cleaned up the tie-downs & and remnants of the tarps and looked the boat over for what needs to be done this spring. The woodwork looks quite bad, I think I'm going to start over again with a varnish technique that I have been reading about in Don Casey's boat books. We installed the batteries ourselves (we had stored them at home all winter this off-season). The keel has quite a few rust spots on her, looks like I'm going to need to sand & prime quite a few areas before we put on the VC-17. Launch is scheduled for May 16th this year.

April 17 - Tim & Terri came by to sand & prime the keel with 'Interprotect 2000' - will return later to bottom paint.

April 30th - Tim Terri & Keenan came by to put the VC-17 on the boat. Used two full quarts and left one in reserve for next year. Word is that they do not keep if you open them up and mix in the copper shavings. Started out overcast and threatened rain, but was sunny by the afternoon and we got the entire job done.

May 7 - Tim & Terri arrived to clean the topsides and on the next day Tim & Keenan came by to seal & wax the awlgrip.

May 16 - The boat was launched sometime this week. We did not come down to supervise this time.

May 26 - Tim & Terri arrived early in the morning to put the sails on. Started to rain but we just got it completed before the rain started in earnest. We had the headsail nearly halfway up, before we realized that we had it on upside down. Now getting a lot of jokes and ribbing from the marina staff, oh well. Another new season of stuff to learn and remember. Tim tied up the outhaul & the reef lines, now he's out in the rain washing the deck, and will be in for a wet ride home. Ready for sailing now.