Friday, January 30, 2004

By Any Other Name

Our boat was once named 'Radiance', but we figured, with a new paint job, new owners, and her having been out of the water for quite some time, that she wouldn't mind getting christened with a new name. So we proceeded to brainstorm.

We had a number of 'musical' ideas: Mood Indigo, Sea Shanty, Time Out, Take Five, Largo, Foggy Dew, Harmonics, Ticket to Ride, Allegro, Allergetto, Slow Ride, Hornpipe, Troubador, Improvisation, Changes, D.C. Al Coda, Fermata, Harmony, Do Re Mi, Imagine, Kind of Blue, Happy Trails; Quite a few Spanish flavored names: Brisa Marana, Viento Bueno, Viaje, Barco de Vela, Adios Ave Negro, Cambiar, Que Milagro, Muchacho Frijol, Vida Bueno, Armonia, Corona, Toro, Improvisar, El Gato, Dulce, Juntos, Muy Loco, En Alguna Parte, Bonito Lindo, El Gato Negro; And some just plain random: Vega, Bessie, Escapade, Carolyn Kay, Michael J, Sandpiper, Whipporwill, Tutti Du Mari, Voila, Breezy, Fair Breeze, Tumbleweed, Mesquite, Nora B, Freeneasy, 3 of a Kind, Ship Happens, Ignatz, Illuminata, Breaking Wind, Happy Trails, Ace in the Hole, Patsy, Jackie Mae, Lulu, Scooter, La Dolce Vita

Keenan eventually came up with the winner; Fandango, which ended up incorporating a number of influences we wanted to capture; triple time dance to refer to the three of us, Spanish in flavor, Musical in nature, rolls nicely off the tongue, but the final definition in the dictionary clinched it: 'a foolish act', which we couldn't help but feel was right on the money. Tim sketched up a logo design for the name and we ordered the boat labels at a local sign shop for when we launched her in the spring.